3 incredible mashups

3 incredible mashups you need on your playlist!

We’ve dug up 3 incredible mashups, that we’ve been hearing on repeat lately! All of them are approximately one year old, and somehow we missed them back then.
We feel like an archaeologist who just found a huge treasure, they are incredible, so prepare for an eargasm!


  1. Jesús Canteli Sanz – ABC Silhouettes on the Clarity.


This little beauty features the good old Jackson 5 song “ABC”, Zedd’s “Clarity” and Avicii’s “Foxes”. We were completely mesmerized about how good the ensemble between these tracks are! Clarity and ABC is sort of running in a duet which sounds incredible. We are sure that this track is not something you’ll just hear once!


  1. Alec Milton – No Sleep For Kanye

This next bad boy is setting up the pace a little bit. The tunes are very sweet and light, which not only makes it suitable for a party, but also works perfectly fine on your everyday playlist.
The track is just beautiful composed, take care while listen to this, goose bumps will appear. 😉


  1. Sava and Razz – Wonderwall

We know!! Wonderwall you’ve heard it a gazillion times, and heard it in every possible way. However, so have we, yet, we found this track to be incredible good. Sava and Razz has managed to do wonders to the wall, making it very much enjoyable to hear! Trust us you won’t be able to rock along to this track, nor will you be able to keep a smile away from your face.
Guess the use of wonderwall in a mix, can still surprise and turn out amazingly good, making you want to hear it once again.

There you go, 3 incredible mashups, we hope you’ll enjoy them!


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    Thanks mates 😉

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