AnDyWuMUSICLAND surely knows how it is done

The mega mashups are truly arriving! Well to be fair this mega mashup actually came before “Pop Danthology” sadly we weren’t lead to the video before now, but we are happy that we did!
AnDyWuMUSICLAND has created a wonderful mega mashup, containing 98 songs divided into six chapters.

Hear Andy Wu Musicland’s 2016 “We Were Young” here

Let’s be honest we like a track that has smooth transitions and a good flow throughout the entire track, so when we saw it was ‘divided into six chapters’ we weren’t delighted. To our excitement, you don’t ‘feel’ that it is divided. The track runs smoothly and there is no transitions where you felt “oh wow that was weird”.
Does that mean that we can’t hear the track is divided? No not at all, there is truly a difference between the parts and they makes sense, but it is still one track that runs smoothly throughout the entire track!
This mega mashup is insanely well made, it really had us going throughout all of the ten minutes!
Have you heard the expression; “Times fly when you have fun” well we must have had tons of fun because those ten minutes felt like two or maybe even less – In other words, we wanted more!

We will end this post with a little quote from the artist behind the mashup;

Life is not easy. We all get hurt, and feel insecure sometimes. Still, we didn’t stop fighting. “I can’t take it,” but “I’m still breathing.” At first we thought we’ll “never be in love,” finally, “we found love right where we are.”
Right now I get these feelings, too. My youtube accounts were terminated time after time. Every time I tried so hard to get connections with you guys, I failed. I am frustrated, but I know I cannot stop the fight. Even though I am not professional, there are still so many people stand by my side.


As you can hear AnDyWuMUSICLAND has struggled like so many others. Especially with his tracks, so make sure to show him your support when your done clapping you hands in excitment after have listened to his mega mashup!


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