Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande vs Ape Drums – Mix4Fun

Have you’ve felt it? It is flippin’ Friday, and it’s time to blow off some steam and go nuts in this joyous time, and what better way is there to do it than by listening to a Pop princess in a house track?

Mix4Fun has made a mix with Ariana Grande vs Ape Drums, and the results are basically, that Ariana Grande’s Break Free went from a semi-electro/EDM/pop genre track to a lovely house track, and it sounds good!


People who have been following us for some time know what is about to come here, we do miss some more mixing and mashing, we do miss the feeling of this being a mashup, this could just as well be a remix or an original? Switch it up a little.

Anyway enough crankiness, it’s good shit, so unless you associate Ariana Grande with something horrible, then you will enjoy this track.

As always show the artist some loooove: Mix4Fun and leave us a little comment on your thoughts of this track.

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