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Brace yourself; Mega mashup ‘s are arriving

2015 is closing in and that includes one wonderful thing that we surely already looks forward to; Mega mashups!

Now you’ve might think we are a bit early with this post, and yes we thought we were too, until we realised that one of the really popular ‘mega mashup’ series is being released tomorrow!

Daniel Kim has announced that he will release his Pop Danthology 2015 tomorrow, and we are psyched, take a look at his trailer here:

Not only has he announced one track this year, no, fortunately he came out with the surprise that he will release two Pop Danthology tracks this year!

pop danthology mega mashup

We can’t wait for tomorrow, and for the rest to come in general, so here is a list for which mega mashup 2015 edition we are looking forward to, and a link to each track from last year;

Pop Danthology – Daniel Kim

Pop Love – Robin Skouteris

United State of Pop – Earworm

Top of the pops – Mashup Germany

Non Stop Pop – Isosine

Popaganda – Smija

Spun out in – MshMfia (Unfortunately we can’t find last years mega mashup any longer :/)


We hope that we are going to get a lot more mega mashups than those we’ve listed, and we probably forgot a bunch, so if you are making a mega mashup and you are not on the list, leave us a message in the comment field or on facebook and tell us the song name and your name, and we’ll get you there!
Last year’s mega mashups managed to blew our mind into pieces, there were so many good ones, and we cannot wait for all the mashups to arrive again this year!


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