Ebony Day

Ebony Day – I Don’t Wanna Live Forever

Woho, it’s weekend again, the only days of the week where you don’t go to work, there is so many opportunities on how to spend your days, and yet, I am completely and utterly wasting my Saturday. I did the big mistake of downloading a ridiculous game called Clicker Guild” and seriously you do nothing in it, you get some coins by slaying monsters that appear on the screen by clicking on them, and then you buy helpers which do DPS to the monster, which eventually means that you don’t even have to click, later on, you just frekkin watch the screen, and wait for you to afford the next upgrade.

And the worst part about this game is that I’ve spent 3 stupid hours on this s**t. Luckily I pulled myself out of my trance and went to another time consumer, YouTube.

Luckily I did find something that I wanted to share with you guys and girls, a 22-year-old girl called Ebony Day who has made an acoustic mashup called “I DONT WANNA LIVE FOREVER” 

Even if you’re not a big fan of her music then you have to give this girl some credit, she is successfully running her own clothing line, blogging, vlogging and singing, that is pretty impressive if you ask me, and I also love her voice and songs, so to me she definitely is a multi-talent.

As always show some love: Ebony Day

How are you wasting your Saturday? Let me know in the comments.

Just to mention the clicker raid link is most certainly not an affiliate of any kind, and I seriously recommend that you do not download it, it will captivate you and you will have a freaking hard time to stop playing it again. I got out of, you might won’t, don’t risk it!

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