Heathens Love Thieves

Heathens Love Thieves – Kap Slap

Is there any better way to kick start your week than with a mashup that goes HARD? Of course¬†there isn’t, which is why we brought you this insane mashup made by Kap Slap and is called; “Heathens Love Thieves”

It features 8 different artists, such as Twenty One Pilot, Martin Garrix, Party Thieves and many more. This mashup is just super addictive and we absolutely love it.

Some might wait until the weekend to throw down some shots while listening to this with maximum volume, others will just do as we do, and do it today, it iMondayay after all!

To quote ‘Proximity‘: “What an insane mashup and video. I really don’t need to write anymore – everything just speaks for itself. 2016 was a great year. :)”

Blow up your speakers celebrate Monday, annoy your neighbors, parents, roommate or whoever is living within the next 5 blocks of you!

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