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Mashup Love – What Happened?

As many of you might have noticed we haven’t really been updating our site lately, and with more and more people asking about this we believed it to be the time we started giving some answers.

First of all the reason, we haven’t told anything about this matter is because our brains have been overloaded with thoughts about how to keep this site going because the fact is simply that we don’t have the time to keep this running. Even though we love the little mashup community we’ve gathered and we love all the support we’ve been getting all the way through.

So how do we keep this site going? By changing directions.

The first main thing is that you will find this site more to be a personal blog about thoughts and shares between the projects we got going, which basically means you will find all sorts of posts here. But we do want to keep this music-minded, which is why we in most of our posts will have a track (mashup) of the day.

I will also add a ‘music tab’ where I’ll somehow make a playlist of where you will be able to find all the songs more conveniently than have to open all of our posts (also making it easier to go from song to song).

So to the conclusion by combining our projects we believe to have more time to update this site. We are going to have a lot broader of subjects in here, but trying to still keep the mashup niche in some way or another.

We feel that this will be the way to do it if we should keep this site going. The alternative would just be the site dying out.

Our newest project is something you’ve most likely already guessed, As you’ve may have noticed our facebook page is basically only sharing videos from BattleManly which actually is the new project we got going on. We are very proud of it, we’ve reached 100 subscribers (and counting) within two months, got one video up to 1.2K views and we are growing with approximately 3 new subscribers each day, which is so awesome considering we haven’t even been doing this for two months.

Our newest BattleManly video:

Anyway, hope you will bare with us, hope you will still stick around, otherwise it is totally understandable, but give it a shot, you’ve might be surprised at what we got in store.
And just to finish this off, no it will not turn into a gaming site/blog. There will be gaming content, but our main focus will not go there.

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