Nonstop Pop 2016

Nonstop Pop 2016 – Isosine

Aaaaaand another one of those year-end mashups that you are waiting a whole year for. Isosine and his Nonstop Pop 2016 is a serie that we hope will run nonstop for many years to come.

In 2015 we praised Isosine’s nonstop pop for having really a creative combination, combinations that aren’t used, and in general standing a bit more out from each other, which last year we were absolutely crazy about…

He has done exactly that again this year.

And we are so psyched about it again this year!

First of all, as we just said, he really has some interesting and creative ideas that just kicks ass, and on top of that, he executes it perfectly.

Secondly, we really love the build through this song and each state of this track is super on awesome in very different ways – prepare for eargasms.


As always show Isosine some love, nonstop pop 2016 <3

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