Our Opinion on The New Movie – Passengers

So yesterday we went to watch the new movie called ‘Passengers’ in the theater. We were pretty psyched about it since the only thing we had seen about this movie was this trailer that looked awesome and action packed.

Before we go any further we just quickly want to clarify that this post is not sponsored in any way.

As we were saying, the trailer looked completely incredible, kind of reminded us of ‘The Martian’ except of course being stranded on a planet facing a bunch of issues here we are stuck on a spaceship facing a bunch of issues. Pretty similar, and we loved ‘The Martian’ one of our favorite films in 2015.

Yet, it was not similar.

Where ‘The Martian’ focuses more on the whole survival aspect, ‘Passengers’ focused more on two people finding love in a pretty f’ed up situation. In other words ‘Passengers’ is pretty much just a love story. Sure they faces some issues and there is one pretty intense scene, but most of the scenes that seemed filled with action were something entirely different in the movie.

While this disappointed us quite a lot, as it was not what we expected to watch, we still enjoyed some parts of the movie, it is quite funny, good actors and boy oh boy, it is really beautiful!

All in all, we would rate this mediocre, if you want to score some points with your girlfriend then this is definitely a go, and you won’t get bored to death.

Here is the trailer that fooled us:

Thanks for reading our post, if you have watched the movie then let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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