R. Kelly Releases a New Album 12 Nights Of Christmas

R. Kelly Releases a New Album 12 Nights Of Christmas

I feel like this post is hard to start because, I really wanted to start it by giving R. Kelly an introduction, but oh boy.. Where would you even begin with him? Ignition? His appearance in South Park? Or just talk about his “incredible” gift to over commit to utterly weird projects, such as his rap-opera “Trapped in the closet” which also is the title from the song R. Kelly in South Park sings.

So let’s just skip the introduction of R. Kelly and jump to his new Christmas album “12 nights of Christmas”.

Even though this is a Christmas album, there isn’t a whole lot Christmassy about it. This is more of a back to the 90’s with R. Kelly album, with a small hint of Christmas.

Even though there isn’t fired a whole lot up at the chimney, then this album is sill surprisingly good. It has some very relaxing vibes and some excellent rhythms where Kelly really can unfold himself, which he does superbly in “I’m gonna fill your stockings with sweet things”

In the middle of the album is “Once Upon A Time” which sounds like an unwilling comic attempt to create the world’s most musical-like Christmas song, which quite frankly is pretty hilarious.

Anyway, take a listen, and as always tell us what you think;

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