side to side megamix

Side To Side Megamix – T10MO mashup

Oh man, this time of the year is just incredible, for so many reasons, just think about it, you enjoy your hot coffee a little bit more than usual because of the cold weather, you are spending more time with friends and family due to the holidays, all the christmas events, christmas parties, you can finally hit on the hot girl from your office or school, and last but not least especially to us mashup addicted people – the megamashups, megamixes, year-end mashes or whatever you’d like to call them are arriving!

Now this is not technically an end-year mashup, but it did turn up with all the other end-year mashups so what the hell, this is amazing stuff!

Also just to clarify T10MO who is responsible for this mashup, have already released his year-end mashup, and I strongly encourage you all to check that out as well, you can find it here: T10MO – Hits of 2016

Let’s go back to this track.

Honestly we’ve wrote that long ridiculos intro about christmas because there weren’t a whole lot to say about T10MO’s ‘Side To Side Megamix’ besides that he been killing it again.

The track is very creative, you will definitely hear some combinations and variaions of the various pop tracks in ways you haven’t imagined before. It flows superbly, and is all in all a real enjoyment.

Press the play button, and enjoy the sweet, sweet vibes!

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