Taking a look at Satis5d Mashups

Time to have the clever artist Satis5d who made the bold move of making a top 100 mashups under our scope.

If you haven’t already then you can check that out here: Top 100 Mashups

If you haven’t heard anything from Satis5d yet, then you are in for a treat, so let us treat you a little by looking at his 3 latest track.

1. “Hold My Hand Some Nights”

So first up we have Satis5d newest mashup, where he decided to make a clever and ‘fun’ (wink wink)┬ácombination, which turned out great.

2. Ain’t Giving Up On the Music

This song is filled up with a happy vibe that can’t make you do anything else besides rocking along and smile, big smiles. ­čÖé

3. I Saw The Paralyzed One I Love Walk

We are going in to our delorean and turning back time, but we are not slowing down. If you are into the oldies (but goodies) then this mashup is definitely one for you!

Hear more track and show Satis5d some love, and as always let us know what you thought about these tracks.

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